One:One Tailored For You.

Why choose me?

Because I know what adoptees live with; that unexplainable feeling deep inside something is missing and the need to fill that hole however you can.

I have felt the heart pain that the detachment and abandonment trauma brings despite growing up in a loving and safe family home.

I know there are all other kinds of self destructive behaviour patterns and trauma responses, and that triggers exist everywhere.

I understand that being adopted will impact on how you live your life and form relationships.

Because I know that only another adoptee will understand.

I lived my most of my adult life self sabotaging, people pleasing and accepting bad behaviour quite often in toxic abusive relationships. Thing is, I thought that this was just how it was, but once I understood these were trauma related patterns I set about repairing the damage.

Freeing myself from these negative and destructive behaviour patterns meant I uncovered the Joyful, well balanced, peaceful and authentic me.

Every day I am grateful for those that without judgement held space for me through the very difficult process of letting go of and grieving for everything that I thought had always kept me safe.

Solitude is not the absence of company, but the moment when our soul is free to speak to us and help us decide what to do with our life.

~ Paulo Coelho


YOU can change your life.

YOU can be your own priority.

YOU can invest in yourself.

YOU do not need to feel guilty.

YOU do not need to remain a victim.

YOU are not to carry the shame others.

YOU are not to stay in the dark.

YOU are worthy of unconditional love.

YOU deserve an abundant life.

YOU can be whole.

YOU can educate others.

YOU do have a voice.

YOU can lead the way for others.

How does it work?

The EMPOWERED programme offers weekly connections via Zoom. Together we take a deep dive into you life to identify what areas you want to work on.

We discover your core values, beliefs, what needs have gone unmet and your predominant negative emotions.

Emotional and energetical blocks and imbalances are cleared.

Together we create an achievable routine involving a combination of mindset reprogramming techniques. This will become your EMPOWERED ‘tool box’, it will enable you to create boundaries, take back your power and live consciously in awareness. You will shift into a more positive place.

You are somewhat in control, we will go at your pace but commitment and consistency is required. Giving time to allow for processing and let yourself realign.

What is my investment?

EMPOWERED Standard – 500 Euro/GBP/$

Eight sessions. A session is roughly 60 minutes.

Weekly task, check in and review.

You will be fully supported.

EMPOWERED Plus – 800 Euro/GBP/$

As above PLUS eight Soul Space energy healing sessions and guidance.

If you wish to deepen your healing journey, you are welcome to book an Emotion Code package with my colleague Despina Charavgi, a certified, highly experienced and intuitive Emotion Code practitioner.

Click on the image to find her.

Free Connection

I know how important it is to have a connection with who you shall be sharing so much with. Lets see if its a fit!