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I am driven to provide Holistic Health and Well-being naturally, creating calm bodies and peaceful minds. I work with whatever methods I feel will work best, ranging from bodywork and vital energy movement to mindset practices, there are many techniques, its about finding what works for you and slowly changing your thought patterns and habits, what is inside is reflected on the outside.

Visit me in Silves or schedule an appointment in the comfort of your own home.

Soul Space

Energetic and Emotional Wellness – In Person and Remote.

In Person 60 euro / Distance 40 euro.

Soul-space is me providing a safe space to intuitively facilitate your healing, with a blend of holistic therapies to move and release energetic and emotional blockages. This is a gentle yet powerful treatment to soothe, cleanse, and restore. 

If you are in pain or discomfort whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, it’s a sign that you are ready to release what is out of balance. It’s possible that you have ignored this pain for years, leading it to manifest into something deeper. You may know the root cause but have not made this connection. All things are connected

.As soon as you begin to give to yourself in the right way consciously and stop putting yourself at the back of the queue you will begin to feel better. There’s a chain reaction. You see results, start to feel better and do more  for yourself. Your life will begin to change in all areas, it did for me and it can for you too.

My practice weaves together three distinct modalities to encourage a synergistic response: Bowen Therapy: soothes and deeply relaxes for receptivity. Reiki: clears stuck energy allowing flow and divine connection. Emotion Code: releases trapped negative emotions creating space and freedom.

But that’s not all, together we identify behavioral patterns and beliefs that hold you back. We then create a safety net built through awareness and discover what self development tools will work for you. With new positive thought patterns and neurological pathways you will be in the driving seat. On the road to inner harmony, deep peace and personal fulfillment becoming the lightest and brightest version of you.

I will hold space, guide and support you with compassion and empathy during your journey into self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, self-appreciation, leading ultimately to unconditional self-love.

From 50 Euro

Bowen Therapy

A gentle yet extremely effective non invasive form of bodywork where light pressure is applied using fingers and thumbs to muscles and ligaments, an holistic therapy meaning the whole body is always treated, in addition, as opposed to treating symptoms the aim is to discover and treat the root cause.

It triggers the innate healing process bringing deep relaxation, realigning the body, restoring natural balance thus giving the body’s systems an opportunity to recover. Bowen sooths and calms, its gentleness means its suitable for all ages and stages of life

Beneficial for both chronic and acute conditions, accidents and injuries, back and neck pain, knee pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, migraines, stress relief, anxiety, CFS, Fibromyalgia and much more.

From 40 Euro
Distance Healing 30 Euro

Reiki – In Person or Distance Healing

A Japanese form of energy healing that works with the energy centers in the body called ‘chakras’, Reiki clears energetic blocks and promotes emotional and physical healing using gentle touch and vital energy transfer.

Quite often because of its holistic approach Reiki is used to treat stress and anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain. It is growing as a core treatment for PTSD and CPTSD, the safe space a Reiki practitioner provides enables the recipient to open up release and receive.

Reiki is spiritual in nature but not a religion, it promotes ideals of peace and harmony which are universal across all cultures therefore can be received and enjoyed by all.

From 40 Euro

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR)

The treatment of scar tissue is greatly overlooked, and sadly scar tissue can be life limiting on both a physical and emotional level.

MSTR changes the structure of the scar, it can be applied to pretty much any scar old and new, it can reduces pain, improve restricted movement, normalise sensitivity, increase blood flow and lymph drainage. It also helps with releasing emotional trauma connected with the circumstance and the surgery that might not be obvious. This treatment is changing people lives in many ways, it often leaves people feeling more confident and comfortable.

Indian Head Massage

Based on the Ayurvedic system of healing this treatment is traditional and received in a sitting position, practised in India for thousands of years.

Using natural organic oils the aim is release stress and tension that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the upper part of the body. Using a wide range of movements the shoulders, neck, scalp and ears are massaged and various pressure points are stroked and stimulated

From 35 Euro

Combine both of these treatments to promote deep relaxation. Oils can be blended to suit your personal preference of fragrance.

From 50 Euro

The head and face have many muscles that we are rarely consciously able to relax. Intensely focusing on the head/face has a massive effect on the whole body.

Ayurvedic Facial Massage

A delicate and deeply relaxing and detoxifying treatment with hot towels, organic essential oils or Ayurvedic oil (your choice) and a natural clay face mask to cleanse, hydrate, stimulate and rejuvenate the skin.

We hold tension specifically in the forehead and jaw this massage will release tension in these areas and all of the facial muscles, increasing blood flow and revitalising the complexion. The ears are also massaged which is extremely good for Vagus Nerve stimulation

From 35 Euro

From 35 Euro

Therapeutic Chinese Lower Leg & Foot Massage.

A foot soak or massage is blissful after a long day on your feet. The feet always deserve some extra special care.

This treatment encompasses the lower leg; foot, ankle, calf and knee. Massaging, stretching, slapping and thumping help to increase lymph movement, improve circulation and detoxification while reducing stiffness, water retention

Massage in general reduces blood pressure, moves lymph and triggers the release of endorphins the ‘happy hormone’ leaving you feeling lighter, giving you a bounce in your step.