The love that comes from within is the most powerful, the most pure and the most fulfilling. When we believe we are worthy of all that we desire and truly love ourselves unconditionally, then the magic happens.

As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal someone else.

~ Maya Angelou

Me Today.

I am 53 yrs old adoptee, English/Indian and a mom to two teenage boys. As a fully qualified Bowen Therapist and Reiki practitioner my goal is to unify the mind, body and soul for healing and recovery. I work from my own space in Silves, Portugal and remotely.

Life gave me the opportunity to take a new path which began when I received a course of Bowen treatments after the birth of my first son in 2007. This led me to retrain into the holistic health field, since then I have been dedicated to the wellness of others on all levels.

Over the last few years I felt a pull to expand into learning about the synergy of the mind and body.

And then after a profound personal transformation, I knew that I could guide others on their own healing journey, specifically adoptees.

My story.

The Basics.

It’s difficult to recall exactly when I was told I was adopted but I know I was young and didn’t really understand. I was OK, I was loved very much and happy, my life was good and I never felt a need to ask questions until later in life and even then it wasn’t priority, looking back now this could have been through fear.

I was relinquished at birth pretty much, initially into foster care then adopted by the brother of my birth mother and his wife. My birth mother was present in my life until my parents divorced when I was 5 years old. My mom remarried a few years after and today these two amazing people are my parents.

My biological father was Mauritian which meant there was a different culture and ancestry to explore.

My Passions.

I am passionate about adoptees living a life without fear of rejection; to feel safe.

I am passionate about empowering one and all to live free from the emotional pain; to feel deep peace.

I am passionate about crushing limited beliefs and eliminating destructive behavior pattern; to self-trust.

My Goals.

To create a safe space for reflection and release.

To guide through detachment trauma healing and raise awareness of the implications of such trauma within the adoption triad.

To build long-lasting relationships based on trust and understanding enabling personal transformation.

Some Truths.

That millions of people are living with CPTSD. It is possible to find freedom but there is no ‘over night’ fix. To remove the ‘band aids’ patience, forgiveness, acceptance, gentleness and much more is required. And yes, while it is a painful and tough journey it is so very worthwhile.

Trauma has a ripple effect, our partners and children certainly need us to show up. Our adoption and our trauma is not for others to carry.

As an adoptee I know that making the above real seems impossible considering the way we think and feel about ourselves, always adapting to suit our environment for safety and acceptance. But trust me, it is achievable, I know. Positive thoughts will lead to positive action!